In the administration interface, you will design your site, attract visitors and keep them coming back!
We provide you with the best tools -- including newsletter management, visit analysis, and handy guides -- a one-stop solution for your online website needs.

E-mail marketing

Send newsletters, promotions, and updates to existing customers and prospects, E-mail marketing is one of the most popular ways to build a relationship and loyalty with customers. Keep existing customers—as well as potential customers—informed about your products, services, special promotions, and latest developments.

Shopping Cart

Selected products are added in the shopping cart. When you click on ordering, you can finally update your list by deleting articles or modifying the quantities. To validate the order, it is necessary then to have an account user that you can create at this time. You can then print your purchase order.

Paypal payment is available - This allows you to very easily include credit card online payment.
Click this banner to get your account. :

Inscrivez-vous à PayPal et acceptez dès aujourd'hui les paiements en ligne.

Search Marketing

Advertise your business on popular search engines. Search marketing is a cost-effective and targeted way to promote your business online because it puts you in front of your most likely customers—those already searching for what you sell. With adManager, you can reach customers on popular sites like MSN and Live Search from one, easy-to-manage account.


phpMyVisites is a powerful application of statistics and measurement of audience of Internet sites. phpMyVisites gives many information on the visitors of an Internet site, the pages seen, the material used, etc. The interface is pleasant and practical, the entirely automated installation, and the possibilities of configuration are significant.

Your Gallery

Manage your gallery and load your pictures in the admin interface. Let your visitors leave comments.

User Account

This functionalities is completely integrated and available with the OnWeb solution. It provides: - Recovery of lost password, - Change of its personal parameters (change of email, address or telephone number), - Change of password, - Follow-up of orders. The interest for the user is to follow an order and to manage easily and electronically acts in relation with your activity. Moreover you benefit from the OnWeb community. Any user having already created an account on a OnWeb site can re-use it on any other site.

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