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Welcome on Château Bessan online !

Château Bessan Team is proud to present you its website. It will allow you to discover its products, to be updated on Château Bessan’s news and to subscribe for our newsletter.
Our site also allows you to order our products and pay for them online (with Paypal secured payment system).
Moreover (above all, most of all…)it is aimed to answer all your questions about our quality choices and commitment, step by step, from the vine to the bottle, including our wine making process.
Château Bessan’s wine is genuine and natural! Tasting it brings you close to its “terroir” or immediate environment (soil and climate), which gives our wines their character!
So please click on to discover Château Bessan products and feel free to forward this link to all the good wine amateurs you know: www.chateaubessan.fr
Alcohol abuse is dangerous. Drink responsibly!


SARL Vignoble et Crus de Bessan - 33550 Tabanac

Tél. + 33 9 77 35 76 43

Fax. + 33 5 56 67 12 77

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